New Beginnings

This time four years ago I started in UCC, timidly walking across the grounds afraid to look the cool, fashionable students in the eyes. I had always imagined college to be like the television shows and films: the beautiful campus, students debating politics over coffee, crazy frat parties and most importantly to me the aspiring student journalists running around campus reporting the latest news. All these magical ingredients were all present (minus those famous frat parties) on my first day in UCC and it was then I picked up our college newspaper, reading it cover to cover, hoping that one day I too would get the chance to grace it’s pages.

Four years later, I can say my experience of student media has brought me despair and elation, sadness and joy. I can thank it for my confidence in asking questions, my optimism in times of rejection, my writing skill which it improved and giving me experiences that will stand with me for the rest of my life.

I started my journey in UCC with the idea I would be the next Rory Gilmore, a strong independent young woman with the ambition of becoming a journalist. Today I feel I’ve achieved most of what I set out to do when I started here in UCC, I might not be the economic correspondent for Fox News, but I’ve surpassed all my previous expectations of what I could achieve.

Starting again is difficult, but with determination and hard work you can make anything succeed.

We may fail, but we will only flourish if we learn from the mistakes of the past.

Make everything you do in life count. Remember, people live for a hundred years without living for a minute.

Until next time,

Mise Le Meas


“I started my journey in UCC with the idea that I would be the next Rory Gilmore”

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