5 Instagrams of Freshers Week

Journo Soc’s Rosie O’Keeffe takes a humorous look at the Instagram posts we all expect to see after Fresher’s Week.

Freshers week is a notorious time for all students, whether you are a first timer or an experienced veteran. It marks the first week in college, during which, lectures tend to take a backseat to more pressing matters like drinks in the new bar and joining every society that offers sweets and pens in return. What better way then, to share this wonderful time of year than on our favourite social media? Check out these typical Freshers Week Instagrams and see if you’ve ‘grammed yours right!

  1. The Night Out

What Freshers Week is essentially all about – going hard or going home. Whether it’s a candid picture taken at pre-drinks, a ‘blurry pic of a blurry night’ in the club, or a screenshot of a picture taken by a photographer in the nightclub – we’ve all done it – you newsfeed is sure to be littered with these snapshots. Throw in a hashtag like #freshtodeath and you’re good to go!

Cara Delavigne

  1. The College

This one probably applies mostly to Freshers – you’re going to want to show off your college campus. It’s a momentous step in your lives and your university will become a second home to you, with the added advantage of having chicken rolls widely available. We are so lucky, therefore, to have such an Instagrammbale campus! Often compared to the magical building of Hogwarts, the Quad is one of the most beautiful sights here at UCC. The stunning architecture of the West Wing combined with the untrodden grass really needs no filter to do it justice.

“It’s basically Hogwarts”
  1. #TBT

No matter how excited you are to come back to college, this time of year inevitably gives you a sense of nostalgia. New beginnings, new friends, a new chapter in our lives. Looking back on the past is natural, and posting a memory on Instagram can really help you to reminisce!  Lazy summer nights, your last day at school, a wild holiday with your friends – No matter what they are, it’s important to remember the good times.

  1. Debs/Grads

Here’s looking at you first years! Your big night to finish your secondary education with a bang can often clash with the fun of Freshers Week. Elegant ball gowns and well fitted suits, soft make up and fabulous up-dos – literally what Instagram is made for. The only question is how many pictures of you looking like royalty can you post before your follower count starts to droop?

“Debs #fail #nofilter”
  1. Gym Sharks

New Year, (academically) new you (physically). We all know the mantra. We also unfortunately have no excuse to laze our lives away when we have unlimited access to one of the best gyms in Cork. The first few weeks back see the Mardyke arena become busier than the Holy Cow on a Thursday and with just as many eager first years. The resolve for most usually fades by mid-October, but hey, if you’re going to put in the effort of getting #shredded you might as well get a few likes out of it



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