Is Ireland Set For A New Bank Holiday ?

This year Ireland made history by being the first country to support Marriage Equality by the popular vote. 1.2 million Irish people voted in support of same sex marriages, to scenes of elation and celebration across the country.

“Panti Bliss at celebrating marriage equality in Dublin.”

Yesterday in the Dáil, Sinn Féin TD, Padraig MacLochlainn read out a letter he received calling for May 23rd to become a bank holiday.

Exerpts from the letter read:

“In a hundred years time the 23rd of May will be seen not Ireland’s, but one of humanity’s proudest moments because it was a day when equality conquered fear”.

“Perhaps May 23rd should become a bank holiday, and called equality day? To remind future generations of the significance of not just our emancipation, but the equality of every citizen.”

“Marriage equality celebrations in Dublin.”

MacLochlainn told the Dáíl that Sinn Féin “welcomes this Bill to the floor of the House with open arms.”

“It is a momentous occasion where we as a people come together to end a two tier system of marriage inequality. Marriage is about one thing; love, and a lasting commitment to honour love. Nobody should ever be denied that opportunity.”

The Donegal North East TD said it was “quite difficult to sum up the magnitude of this decision and the foundation it has laid” for further expansion “of socio-economic rights to others at the margins of society.”

He said it was “an honour … to legislate for love; for marriage equality.”

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