10 Lies Every UCC Student Has Told

Let’s admit it we’ve all told a few white lies in our time, Méadhbh Crowley has uncovered a few we hear around UCC on a daily basis.

  1. “I’m going to start revising this week”

Said every week until study week. Then spends night before cramming entire semesters working into your brain.

Revising ...

  1. “I’m so prepared for this test”

Watching Netflix is not an effective study technique, even if you’re studying “The Life and Times of Blair Waldorf”

Study/ Netflix

  1. “Yeah I totally wrote a 5,000 word essay in 2 hours”

If you can’t do it in a high pressure exam, you can’t do it in real life ! It’s just not possible !!

Essay writing

  1. “I never get lost in the ORB”

Said no one ever… Some say there’s still builders lost in there from when it was built that haunt the third floor.

Why ORB ??

  1. “I walk across the quad all the time”

And risk failing ? No thanks!! I’d rather accidentally walk on the crest.


  1. “Sorry won’t be home this weekend, I’ve got so much studying to do”

AKA I’m staying in my pyjamas and watching Netflix without your judgement.

Worried Netflix

  1. “Those kids in capes are so annoying”

We all secretly want to dress up as Harry Potter and pretend we’re in Hogwarts. (Thanks Harry Potter Society for making our dreams come true )


  1. “Just one more episode”

Cue 12 hours later, with two seasons of Orange is The New Black under your belt. That wasn’t a waste of time at all …


  1. “All my subjects are really interesting”

There’s always one …


And finally …

  1. “I’m never going out again”



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