UCC Ents and You

Sup people. My name’s Finn and I’m your Entertainments Officer on the Students’ Union this year. So what do I do? I do everything entertainments wise in UCC. Whether that’s day or night time events on campus, or our nighttime events in and around Cork City, my job is to make the events as fun, and as student friendly as possible.


A bit about me. I’ve lived in the suburbs of Cork my entire life, but my family hails from Kerry. The decision of where I really come from usually comes down to who is winning in the GAA. Mainly I like to think I’m a nice intermediate mix of the two. I attended primary and secondary school in Cork. I was close to going to Edinburgh for college, but thankfully I came to my wits and decided upon staying in Cork for college and attending UCC.

I came into UCC in 2012 studying Commerce. Commerce had an infinite number of people in the course so it was tough to get to know people, but after time I had friends in several groups. I got elected First Year Commerce Ents Rep and that really kick started my love for entertainments. From organising class parties to charity events, I knew I had found my calling. I gathered a love for what entertainments did for others; seeing people make new friends and bond was a feeling very satisfying for me. To sum myself up, I have one go-to quote, that being said I’m not a ‘quote person’, but here goes nothing. ‘My favourite thing to do in the world is to bring out the kid in everyone. Not in the sense of getting loads of people pregnant-but I enjoy making others happy.’ I also, combined with the efforts of 3 other class reps, managed to raise €700 for RAG Week which we were chuffed with.
I entered the nightclub promotions scene, and worked with the majority of clubs in Cork; Savoy, Roxy, Bodega, Bowery, Havanas, Voodoo, and was also asked to run The Library nightclub. With this background, I got the call to be on the Ents Crew. Being on the other side of events gives you a whole new perspective of the event, and seeing an event come together gave me a great sense of accomplishment. The next step for me was running for Ents Officer. Thankfully I got it with a great push from the campaign team, and now I’m here.
Less boring facts about me, and more about the buzz on campus. This week we are kickstarting RAG Year with our first event. We have the award winning Michael McCoy, Comedy Hynotist, in Boole 4 on Tuesday. Come along, and watch your friends run around like angry chickens, think they’re invisible, and remember nothing afterwards. What’s even better, all the money raised is going to charity! Tickets are on sale from the SU printshop downstairs in the Student Centre for €5, and also outside the Boole Library from 12-2.
We are also recruiting for this years Ents Crew. Get involved in running all the events on campus, have an abundance of fun, and there are a few perks to being on the Ents Crew also. So if running RAG Events, on campus events, nights out for an entire college, booking DJs and bands, making crazy ideas a reality, marketing and promotion, has this got you written all over it?So if you’re the life of every party, a fun person, love meeting new people or generally just want to get more involved drop us a message!

To apply send a 1 page CV to ents@uccsu.ie, we’ll be giving some of the best CVs a prize next week so the more fun a CV the better!

Massive shout out to TheBuzz.ie for having me. I look forward to sharing the ins and out of UCC Ents events throughout the year with ye. Till then.

Yours in turbo minty freshness,


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