25 Things You Have To Do Before You Leave UCC

Méadhbh Crowley compiles the ultimate bucket list of things you have to do before you graduate.


  1. Have a golden week

Ie go to every class, tutorial or lab for the whole week.

  1. Have a black week

A week where you don’t go to any class activity.

  1. Join a club or society

Pick something you’re interested in or try something new, either way you’ll make new friends and have a great time doing it.

  1. Never go to any of said club or society’s events

Meh  you tried.

  1. Go to a class party

Make friends with people you’ve never talked to in your class before.hello-id-like-to-report-an-awkward-situation

  1. Walk into the wrong class and be too awkward to leave

Has this not happen to everyone, or is it just me ?

      7. Go to the Mardyke

There’s tonnes to do in the gym, make sure to get the most out of your membership.

  1. Enter and exit the ORB without getting lost

It’ll probably never happen.

  1. Have someone spell your name right in Starbucks

Unless your name is John or Sarah, this also will never happen.

  1. Visit every building on campus

There’s so many, you’ll spend a good day getting to them all.

  1. Accidentally walk on the Quad before phoning your granny to light more candles

It happens to the best of us, granny candles can cure all.

  1. Meet Des Bishop

He’s on campus every single year, if you haven’t met him already you must have been hiding in the library.thumb_12456_default_total

  1. Join a protest

Free trip to Dublin, make an ironic placard ? Sign us up.

  1. Run for the SU

Who doesn’t want to be president?

  1. Raise money for charity during Raise and Give week

It’s not all about the partying, raising money for local charities during the week can be even more rewarding.

  1. Win a quiz

With 100s of quizzes every week you’re bound to win one.

  1. Go to the Rock on a Wednesday for some great Irish music

I was not paid to include this in the list, but there’s great music, craic and atmosphere so make sure to go at least once.

  1. Join the UCC Ents team

I was not paid to include this in the list either… Read Adam Finn’s article to learn how to join the crew !download

  1. Stay up all night writing an essay

Not advisable but it will probably happen at least once.

  1. Get lost getting to Neptune and almost miss an exam

Neptune is the most evil of exam halls, miss the bus and prepare to start running across the city.

  1. Actually be prepared for an exam

It’s a wonderful feeling, you’ll wonder why you’ve never tried it before.

  1. Thank your favourite lecturer

You might not think it but this can mean a lot to your lecturer, even a quick email could make their day.

  1. Spend an entire night in the library

With extended opening hours mean this could be a possibility soon…7719298252_8b09bf495f

  1. Take lots of pictures and print them out

College is only a short time in your life, phones get lost, laptops die so make sure to print out all your memories while you still can.

25. Make amazing friends and keep in touch with them even when you leave UCC




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