UCC Netsoc launches new societies website “Lowdown”

UCC Netsoc announce the launch of new website “Lowdown”.

Today, the college Networking, Gaming and Technology Society (Netsoc) launched “Lowdown” a new solution for keeping track of UCC Societies events.

Boasting a weekly email newsletter and integrations with calendar apps like iCloud and Google Calendar, Lowdown provides a solution to finding out about societies events easily.

You can find Lowdown online on http://lowdown.netsoc.co/.

“It’s about building in to the systems that people are using already” claims developer and Netsoc finance officer Colm Cahalane. “We take our event data directly from Facebook and organise it into a neat little website to help people find out about events they’ll love.”

Organised under the slogan “it’s everything you love in one place”, Lowdown represents the first of a series of Netsoc open-source projects for the year.

“We’d love to get more students interested in developing applications and services with us to help make the college a better place.” Colm says. “We’ve made all the code for this project available on our Github page, and we’re accepting contributions to build on it even further.”

Having released a statement of intent this summer, proudly declaring “We won’t stop until every student on campus benefits from what we have to offer”, UCC Netsoc has been going from strength to strength, organising weekly technical talks and demonstrations and establishing new infrastructure and services.

“We’ve just joined Ireland’s inter-societies network, and set ourselves up in the Cork Internet eXchange”, explains auditor Evan Smith. “This year we’re hoping to give student developers a place to practice, play and explore. Thanks to donations from our sponsors in CIX, Nova Broadband and Teamwork.com, and the support of other societies in Intersocs, we’ve been able to set up quickly!”

Future plans for the society include giving students access to web-space, virtual machines, version control and file storage/backup.

You can find out more about upcoming Netsoc events on their page on Lowdown.

About UCC Netsoc

The UCC Networking, Gaming & Technology Society (Netsoc) is a small but rapidly growing student society and the only technology-focused society on campus. Their mission as a society is to help breed and explore a curiosity in all technologies. This year, they intend to achieve this with an increased focus on developing student services, and holding weekly technical events.


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