UCC’s Animal Welfare Society Travel to Dublin to Support ARAN

UCC Animal Welfare Society’s auditor Sophia Reid-Recks writes about the society’s recent participation in an Animal Welfare protest in Dublin.

UCC's Animal Welfare Society at ARAN protest in Dublin
UCC’s Animal Welfare Society at ARAN protest in Dublin

On the 27th of September UCC Animal Welfare Society travelled to Dublin to take part in the ARAN (Animal Rights Action Network) protest to ‘Make Cruelty to Animals History’ and World Vegetarian Day Festival. When we arrived in Dublin we walked to St. Andrews Resource Centre. Where there were various stalls on animal rights, veganism/vegetarianism and many others . We gained loads of useful information for our own campaigns and our ‘Meatless Meet ups’ in UCC. We were lucky enough to meet the lovely ladies from the Vegetarian Society of Ireland who have often supported us with vegetarian events.

UCC's Animal Welfare Society with 'Vegan Mammy' Ciara Norton
UCC’s Animal Welfare Society with Veg Soc of Ireland

At the protest we were joined by almost 50 other animal welfare groups from across the country, with 5000 people turning out in total to have the law changed so that animal abusers will be prosecuted properly.

Before the march there were speeches from various animal welfare groups and advocates and ‘Compassionate Action Awards’ were also given. Before we took off we had the pleasure of meeting the founder of ARAN, John Carmody and ‘Vegan Mammy’ Ciara Norton, both have since agreed to come and give talks in UCC for the Animal Welfare Society.

When the march began, protesters and animals alike made their way from the Garden of Remembrance through Dublin City chanting ‘there’s no excuse for animal abuse’. After all of our marching we went to the Hardrock Cafe to recharge before the trip home.

UCC's Animal Welfare Society enjoying a well-earned rest
UCC’s Animal Welfare Society enjoying a well-earned rest

UCC Animal Welfare Society pride ourselves on being a voice for the voiceless and will be continuing to protest until harsher penalties and punishments are imposed for animal abusers and in the hopes that the government establish a national registry of animal abusers.


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