Registering to Vote is Fun?

Ents Officer Adam Finn is back, letting us all know what the buzz on campus is this week.

This week, aside from the usual, yet brilliant events of clubs and societies, we have a big day thrown into the mix. This day is Voter Registration Day, which takes place this Tuesday, October 6th.

All of the colleges and institutes across Ireland will be urging all students to register to vote. As dull as it may seem or if it doesn’t have the same pull as a night out on the town to you, then listen up. I cannot express how important it is for students to register to vote. In effect, if you are not registered to vote then you do not have a voice.

To the Government, you do not exist.

To the Government, we are votes. Not people.

We are simply another ballot paper that may place a resounding #1 next to their name on election day. That is all that the politicians want at this moment in time.

Ionad Vótála
Ionad Vótála

How do we get noticed? How do we get taken as a serious segment of the voting population?

We do this through numbers. Alone, we will not get heard, but together we are stronger, louder, more relevant. We need to show that the marriage equality referendum was not a once off turn out from students.

We need to get as many students as possible to register to vote this Tuesday.

Now, onto the fun side of things! What are we doing to incentivise you to register to vote?

From 10am-3pm, campus will be buzzing. Our aim is to make registering to vote fun and get as many students as possible to register. We have a giant inflatable obstacle course in the amphitheatre from 11-3, we have DJ Soc spinning some tunes for us at lunch time, we’ll be giving out loads of free red bull, we’ll have bean bags and Mr. Freezes. There will be plenty of free things to get you motivated to register to vote, and the best part is that it literally takes under a minute to register. Fill out a quick form and it’s done. You now have power to influence this country’s occurrences. You now have a voice. You now get to run around a giant inflatable obstacle course.

Voter Registration
Voter Registration: #RockTheRegister

On a separate note, you’re in college now, and it’s up to you to embrace that. You have to make the most of college. We’re about to get all ‘dem feels’ out. College is one of the few times in life where your responsibilities are low. If you miss a lecture it’s not the end of the world, you won’t get fired from your job, you won’t get a letter home asking where you were. Most students only have a few hours of lectures a day. It isn’t a full day of school or work, there’s breaks, and time to kill. You’re thrown into a campus with 20,000 other people just like you, and no matter what your interests are, you’ll always find someone similiar to you. There’ll be a club, or a society for you. There’ll be that group that always hangs around in the same place each lunch time, and they accept you for you. Hang around college, stay till six when your lectures ended at 3. Check out the events, pop into one of the food outlets, or the bars. There are people always doing something on campus, you just have to put in that tiny bit of effort to find it.

We’re not in college for long, so we may as well try make the most of it.


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