“I’ve finally discovered the trick to forcing myself out of bed on a cold October morning…”

Holly Cooney provides her Top 5 Tips for getting to grips with early-morning lectures.

I’ve finally reached that glorious end they call final year and after two years of lost lectures and bad hangovers I think I’ve finally tackled the dreaded early morning lecture. This year, despite all the arguments between myself and my bed I’ve come to the conclusion that I really have to get up for that 9am class. Over the last two years I’ve spent in UCC I have definitely been one of the worst people to avoid morning classes, but this year I’ve finally discovered the trick to forcing myself out of bed on a cold October morning.



The number one best thing about the morning is breakfast. My sole belief is that having a fridge full of goodies for the morning is the best way to make sure you get out of bed. Cereal, croissants, bagels – they’re all a treat. Do your weekly shop on Sunday, before college starts to make sure you have yummy food to start your week. Not only that but the earlier you get up the healthier you’ll be. Rather than waking at two and having leftover pizza, you can be eating fresh croissants and orange juice at 8.30, sounds nice doesn’t it?



Coffee is an absolute godsend in the mornings. Invest in some good coffee and savour those last few moments before you have to leave the comfort of home. If you can’t hack being up too early get yourself down to penney’s for a travel mug. They’re cute and stylish and they mean you can sit in the Boole at 10am on a cold Monday morning with a coffee and even stay warm despite the fact the radiators don’t come on until mid-feburary!

Failing this, hit coffee dock or costa. UCC has a lot of great cafes so why not grab your friends and make it a daily ritual?



It may sound cliché, but having friends in all your classes isn’t only fun but it actually encourages you to make it to those early ones. Looking forward to sitting with your friends and catching up on all of the weekend gossip on early Monday mornings is one of the most enjoyable things about dragging yourself out of bed.



We all want to look good in college, but at 9am I’m barely capable of removing my dressing gown, let alone looking stylish. Picking your clothes and laying them out the night before is so helpful when it comes to early starts. Dressing well makes you feel good about yourself so you’re already on track to having a great day!



For all those who can’t even consider leaving bed without their mother roaring relentlessly, this is for you! Having the motivation to get up and leave for class can be hard when there’s no one to make you do it, a good solution to this age old student problem is having a housemate timetable. All you need to do is make up a timetable and have all your housemates write down their college hours and leave it somewhere prominent in the kitchen. You’re sure to have overlapping classes class so this way you’ll always have someone to drag you out of bed!


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