5 Stylish Essentials to Survive Winter

Dapper Sapeur, or simply Kenneth Nwaezeigwe to those in the know, provides his top 5 style essentials to see you through the winter months.

Winter is coming! Since we can’t wear fur and armour akin to our favourite Game of Thrones character, I’m here to give a few tips to stay stylish this winter.
What we all need to realize is that style need not always be complex. Sometimes simplicity is key. Not every outfit needs to be outlandish, as I’m coming to terms with myself.

Jared Tomas put it best when he said

“Always dress well but keep it simple”

So here are my 5 Simple Style Essentials:

1. Plain Jumper

Plain Jumper
Plain Jumper

The plain jumper is a classic. It’s simple, easy to find and always keeps you warm during the cold winter months. You’ll want to make sure you get a jumper that is good quality and is durable enough that it can be worn over and over in different ways and won’t deteriorate quickly. Also, in order to maintain a stylish look, try not to wear a jumper that is way too big as then it just looks sloppy. Go for one that’s fitted but not tight. No one wants to see your nipples guys. Usually go for your normal size if it’s a regular fit and if it’s a slim-fit jumper then go for the size above as then you can wear the jumper over a shirt.

2. Plain White Shirt

Plain white shirt
Plain white shirt

There’s not much I can say about the white shirt. Everyone should have one. If you don’t then go out and buy one now. It’s one of the must haves in every young man’s wardrobe. The versatility of the white shirt is amazing, you can pretty much wear it with everything. It’s basically the joker of shirts.
It’s pretty hard to go wrong with a plain white shirt, but if you think you could then let me give you 2 simple cheat codes.

  • If wearing a white shirt, make sure it’s tailored to fit or slim-fit. Baggy white shirts only look nice on girls.
  • If you have a white shirt that’s baggy then wear it under a jumper, under a suit blazer or a jacket of some sort. That way no one will ever know.

3. Fitted Jeans

Fitted Jeans
Fitted Jeans

This is one item that even I was sceptical about at first but if done right this could be a statement piece for every combo. Just as versatile as the white shirt good fitted jeans can work with any item from your wardrobe from the formal black tie suit to the casual t-shirt. The only thing that matters when picking out is size. You want something that allows mobility but tapers quite well.

4. Plain colour flats

Plain colour flats
Plain colour flats

So these are your go-to shoes for everything really. They are easy slip on for days when you just want to get up and go but still want to have remotely a modicum of style and you don’t want people to give you a choral rendition of the “What are those” song. They’re easy to find in most stores and as long as you stick to solid colours then it’ll always be stylish with fitted jeans.

5. Trench coat

Trench coat
Trench coat

The trench coat is the easiest way to stay stylish and allows for lots of layering combos to be made this winter. No matter what you’re wearing if you pair it with a nice fitted trench coat then it’ll tie everything together and keep your outfit stylish. Make sure not to skimp out on quality for your coat as it’s something that you will be wearing a lot over the winter months.


So this is how I’d recommend wearing the 5 essentials together.






I’d like to thank the guys over at French Connection Cork for the great clothes and all clothes featured on this article are available in their store at a great price for the high quality clothes.

Make sure to pop into the store on Patrick St, Cork City and check out the great products and stay stylish this winter.

Send in pictures of how you’d wear any of the stylish essentials for a chance to be featured.



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