Just Around The River Bend

Sometimes just taking a break and getting out of the city is something we all need to do. Nicole Johnson writes about a recent excursion she made to Guagán Barra.

I enjoy taking time out on a Saturday to go somewhere out of the city; to experience not only nature, but new places.

This time I went to Guagán Barra; a place I have been wanting to go explore ever since I first visited Ireland. I am glad I did because to put it simply, it was absolutely breathtaking. I know better known sites like the Cliffs of Moher are a big tourist attraction and they are simply amazing, but in contrast to the vast expanse of cliff face there was something so special in the simplicity of Guagán Barra. It may have been the little lake, that it’s a a place full of spirituality, or the rocky hills in the distance. As you walk down the gravel road into the woods your mind can relax and lose yourself in the beauty of the place.

It makes you realize what is truly beautful in this world, or in this case, Ireland.

Photographs: by Nicole Johnson


On our little walk through the woods an older women decided to talk to us after seeing me ‘baa’ to some “wild” sheep in the distance. She bagan to tell us about the River Lee and the geography of the place. A fact I did not know is that the River Lee starts up in the Shehy Mountains (the highest point in county Cork), comes down, and then makes its way down into Cork. At Guagán the River Lee is almost like a creek, but the water is so clear that you can see the sand and rocks below. The sounds of the water trickling would make anyone relaxed.

The park has 5 km motor trails and 10 km walkings; but there are many different paths you can take, and I would recommend that too. You might be able to clear your mind from all the clutter of college and city life can create.

Photographs: by Nicole Johnson

Often, living in the city, going to school, hanging out with friends, we can easily get wrapped up in all of the technology and social media that have become central to our daily living. We forget about how beautiful and peaceful the nature that surrounds us can be.

Getting away for a couple of hours from the daily grind of life is one of the simple things that we, the x-generation, should do.



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