The Daily Grind

Looking for the best place on campus to get your daily caffeine fix? Look no further. Our resident caffeine addict Claire Crowley is on hand to recommend the best places on campus to visit to get your daily cup of coffee.

Five: The Student Centre


The coffee available in Aras na Mac Leinn has improved vastly over the years. When I first came to UCC in 2011, it was brown, sickly water that was not worth ten cent, but thankfully, since then, it has become more a lot bearable and is definitely one of the cheaper options on campus if you believe in a daily caffeine boost, but not emptying your bank account.

Four: The Western Gateway Café

Janice O'Connell F22 Photography

This probably has a proper name other than ‘Western Gateway Café’ but I rarely frequent the actual Western Gateway Building, so it’s going to be the name of this particular café for the sake of this article. I was recently there for a workshop on a Friday, and as you can imagine, much caffeine was needed to get through the day, and I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the coffee (and tea), available. Would recommend for price and quality alone (and the berry tea is just fantastic).

Three: Café Fresco, Lewis Glucksman Gallery


Famous for their student deals, and never so busy that you can’t get a seat, the Glucksman is a change from the hustle and bustle of main campus. The Glucksman has every type of coffee you could imagine (except for Iced Coffee, don’t ask for that), and you get your value for money, even if it is slightly more expensive than the previous two establishments on this list. Nutella Lattes are also available, they are as sickly sweet as they sound, but for coffee-lovers, they simply must be tasted – at least once.

Two: Elements, Kane Building


Located in the Kane, Elements was introduced earlier this year as an alternative location to get lunch, salads and tea/coffee on campus. The coffee available is simply divine, and is surprisingly cheap. The queue can be daunting so it’s best to attempt to buy a coffee at off-peak times, but I would nearly go as far as to say the queue is worth it.

One: Coffee Dock O’ Rahilly Building


For anyone that knows me, it’s not surprising that Coffee Dock is the number one on this list. Simply put, (and in my personal opinion), Coffee Dock serve the best coffee on campus – it’s Starbucks. From lattes, to cappuccinos, to caramel macchiatos, there’s something to suit everyone (you can ask for Iced Coffee here!). The only thing about Coffee Dock, is that it can be expensive – but it’s worth it. The queue can be especially long at ten to and ten past the hour so it’s best to avoid it then, if possible.

There you have it, my list of places to get coffee on campus. Honourable mentions include the Bio Café and the Coffee Dock in the Cavanagh Pharmacy Building – I’ve never had a disappointing coffee in either of these buildings. Enjoy!


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