“So now we’re all frantically struggling to find a spot on Q+3 and all the computers are taken up and why in God’s name haven’t we solved the plug epidemic yet?!”

As assignment season hots up and those seats in the library fill up faster than Lady Mary goes through lovers at Downton Abbey, Olivia Brown hunts down the best alternative study spots on campus.

Like most other students, for me October is symbolised by 3 things – freezing dark mornings and contrasting afternoons which make the whole process of getting up and dressed all the more harder; pumpkin spice lattes, which I don’t drink but still manage to infiltrate my Instagram with pictures of the iconic Starbucks cup taken at various angles; and last but not least, assignments.

Yeah, in my mind every week of September was greeted by “Sure we’re only just back?!”. With this ideology I purposefully cast all my assignments to the side, declaring that “they’re not due for aggeees yet”.

So now we’re all frantically struggling to find a spot on Q+3 and all the computers are taken up and why in God’s name haven’t we solved the plug epidemic yet?!

In an attempt to quell the storm, which will only get worse come November, here’s a few alternative study spaces dotted around campus to help you avoid the dreaded FishBowel…

Kampus Kitchen


What was once the hot spot of the Kane building – or so I’m told – Kampus Kitchen has now been converted into a study space by the SU and to be honest it wasn’t a bad idea at all. Its makes a pretty decent study spot. It’s quiet: well, deserted actually. I’ve wandered over a few times and there is no one around. The layout of the tables make it a great place to do some group work. As indicated by its name, food and drink are almost welcomed here – unlike in the library where an airport style security ensure that your cup of coffee doesn’t make it past those sliding doors. Also as it’s located down in the Kane basement where there is limited Wi-Fi or phone reception of any kind, which could be a blessing in disguise if you’re struggling to stop the incessant “study snaps”.



Just hear me out on this one! The 2nd Floor of the ORB has a silence that is only comparable to that of an art gallery. Honestly I’ve had friends refuse to meet me up there as it was “too quiet”. Might not be a bad place to catch up on some recommended readings eh? It’s also a great spot to finish off that essay that’s due in an hour or to meet up with the others involved in that painful group presentation. And if on the off chance it’s a little full the building itself has TONS of rooms, it can’t hurt to do a little bit of exploring and find an empty room. Sure you might be kicked out but God loves a trier! Also Coffee Dock is literally 2 floors away at any given moment #priorities.

Overflow Labs in WGB

Janice O'Connell F22 Photography
Janice O’Connell F22 Photography

As an Arts student the area that is the Western Gateway Building, or WGB (pronounced wigub) as the cool kids call it, is unknown to me. However my sources tell me that if you’re looking to get some serious work done off campus the Overflow labs are the best spot. They tend to be quitter than your usual labs so you might actually get your assignment done without your mates sending you another stupid yet incredibly humorous link on facebook.

Other notable mentions include:-

  • Empty Rooms in the student centre
  • Brookfield Library
  • Boole Basement Computer Labs – headphones may be required.


If all this fails and you’re forced to resort to the Boole, here’s a few Boolean Hacks to get you by.

  • Do yourself a favour and get there early. Not only do you have your pick of the place but you may end up getting your work done early and having an evening off?!
  • Q-1 exists and it has study spots similar to that of the reading rooms on the upper levels. Enjoy!
  • If a few of your friends are also stuck book a project room between you all for an hour or so. At least it’s somewhere!

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