YouTubers: The New Teen Obsession

As their popularity continues to grow, Seher Siddiqi asks just what is it draws us to YouTubers, and if our adoration of them has gone too far.

I think we have all established the fact that Youtubers are the newest teen obsession. Even being a Youtubers is an obsession. Literally everyone thinks they can be one! But let’s talk about what a Youtuber is. There is no legitimate definition for Youtubers and every time I type Youtubers a red line underlines it. so it has yet to be a real word but we still use it every day as if it is one, this gives a little idea of how obsessed we as teenagers are, with Youtubers.

British YouTuber Zoella aka Zoe Sugg

So basically a Youtuber is any person who puts up videos on YouTube, has some sort of audience and has the guts to share their personal life in front of a camera. But I’m sure everyone who is aware of YouTube already knows that. I just want to talk about why people shouldn’t be obsessed with Youtubers and why they have become the new celebrities of our generation.

South African born Australian YouTuber Troye Sivan

YouTube videos are fantastic, really! I think its great the amount of information you can access from videos. They’re also very entertaining and funny. But there is a line that must be drawn when you think of any person sitting in front of a camera and tasting foreign candy and literally telling you if they like the candy or not, that’s not talent and it should not be thought of as art! This is just my opinion and should not be taken seriously. I also hate the word “celebrity”, like the idea of making a normal person who’s just like everyone else, seem like a big deal or someone you should bow down to just sounds so ridiculous to me. It’s because celebrities are shown to be something better than a person and that’s not true at all, when we all try to believe and achieve the idea that we are all equal and the same. It seems contradictory, to me, to then start fangirling over a new video that Troye Sivan posts. I just believe that no one should ever think of someone else to be bigger than a person is because they are not.

American YouTuber Tyler Oakley

I think the reason why Youtubers have become the celebrities of our generation is pretty self-explanatory, it’s because we think of them as better than we are. I do want to touch on idols and role models also. I get it when you are inspired by someone’s work and just want to meet them but can’t because they live half way across the world, so yes you are generally going to be excited if you do get to meet them. The only thing I would say about that is to stay calm and understand that we are all just human beings capable of the same things.maxresdefault-2


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