Finn’s Life Advice Vol. 4

In his weekly column, UCC SU ENTS Officer Adam Finn continues to provide a snippet of life advice.

So, here I am yet again, the morning after the night before, but this time, I’m without a cup of tea. I’ll get one after I write this article though, so don’t worry guys, I’ll look after myself. We’re continuing with my life advice, you don’t have to take it on board and make it your motto, but you may as well give it a chance and try it out. This week, we’ll be in preparation for Comm/Law Week and Mental Health Week, but we’ll have a few announcements for ye.

Here we go, that life advice I was banging on about. I was strolling into town some night during the week and was having a chat with my friend, and we had an epiphany. We had our article for this week, and here it is. You shouldn’t limit your social prospects due to where you’re from or what you associate with. It’s great having friends which you have commonalities with, and it’s easy to take the easy option and stay inside the confines of this ‘clique’ but you’ll be limiting yourself and your social life. You’re in college with thousands upon thousands of people, and in those thousands of people there’s bound to be a few great individuals, so keep an eye out.

It’s great to have your girls from school, or all your GAA friends, but you’re not defined by that group. You’re allowed branch out, meet new people. Vary what groups you hang out with, you’ll become a more well-rounded person. You’ll form interests in new things, and they may even be things in which you fall in love with.

Just because you’re from a certain place, or you play a certain sport or have a certain hobby doesn’t mean you’re bound to that group of people for your college experience. You can still be friends with that group and many more. Likelihood is you may meet your best friend in college, and they could be from a complete different group then you entered college with.

I’ve kind of ran out of things to say, it is the morning after Jazz, but there’s no shortage of wisdom here, check this out.

You’re meant to change your shower towel if you’re using it once a day to dry off after three uses.

Change your toothbrush every three to four months.

Change your bedsheets every week.

Drink loads of water, you’ll feel great after it.

You’re not supposed to use shampoo and conditioner on the same day.

But you’re college students so you may not be able to afford a new toothbrush that often so all I can do is wish you the best.


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