Live Blog : Radio Workshop

download (9)19:20pm Ruairi O’Hagan begins the workshop with his anecdotes from his time on 98.3fm here in UCC

19:25pm “what connects with people is local Cork people, about local Cork stories”

19:26pm “The role of a sports broadcaster has changed . When I started it was all about just the show. Now social media plays a massive role.”

19:28pm Ruairi is now talking about mini disks … I’m not 100% sure what he’s talking about.

19:30pm “Red FM has given me the chance to commentate on the sport I love in Landstowne Road”

19:31pm “It’s hard being a sports journalist, I haven’t had a weekend off in 12 years I haven’t taken holidays for”

Overall message “say yes to every opportunity”.

19:32pm Marcus Connaughton begins with his tales as a hippie in Baggot (10)

19:34pm “The first conversation I had with Rory Gallagher was in the toilet …”

19:35pm “Nowadays I broadcast on RTE’s Sea Scapes, your parents and grandparents probably listen.”

19:35pm “The first lesson in radio . Never trust your equipment”

19:36pm “I sat in my hotel room, thinking I had the interview with Bo Diddle recorded, then I realised it was on pause .” #devastated

19:37pm “I lucky to have worked both side of the radio table as a presenter and producer”

19:38pm Breaking News ! Marcus exclusively tells the crowd that Sea Scapes is infancy recorded on a Friday morning … #breakingnews #spoileralert

19:40pm “Trim your show with your listeners in mind.”

19:40pm “Be careful with your sources, new media has taken over and it’s important to make sure they’re correct.”

images (4)19:45pm Keith Cunningham aka KC is now up

19;46pm “When I first heard Kiss FM in Castlebar it started my interest in  radio.”

19:47pm “Breakfast radio is hugely enjoyable, you set the tone for the day, it’s the first thing people hear in the morning.”

19:48pm “The one thing about radio is you have to be talking about what the people are taking about.”

19:49pm “The thing I love about radio is you are a reflection of your entire audience”

19:51pm “Why is radio so important? Companionship, 88% of people in Ireland listen of the radio every day .”

19:52pm “Radio is free, you get all this amazing content for free.”

19:54pm “Radio is in our DNA, we love to tell and hear stories.”

20:00pm KC tells his favourite story of a Dingle man’s James Bond fail (it’s in his podcast)

20:01pm “The aim of the game is to keep as many people from 7 in the morning to 7 at night.”

20:05pm “Learn it all you’ll never know where in radio you’ll end up.”

20:10pm 2FM’s Ruth Scott has taken the stageimages (5)

20:10pm “I got my start in a DJ for the day competition where I first met KC”

20:11pm “2FM is not a fully commercial station. You’ll be so sick of Coldplay and Nickleback.”

20:15pm “You’ll never know what you’ll be doing in RTÉ. This morning I was filming with singing fruit for RTÉ junior.”

20:16pm “When Paddy and I were first put togeather we had to make up a report. If there’s no relationship you have to fake it.” (Don’t worry Paddy she still loves you !)

20:18pm “Content has always intrigued me. What are 27 year olds listening to? You’re looking for stuff that’s normal enough but slightly peculiar. If you’re covering topics people are already talking about you have to make sure it’s different.”

20:22pm “Remember to be mindful of social media, but use it to your advantage. People who don’t even listen to your show will respond to tweets and drive more content.”

20:25pm “Reading from the article is bollix, it’s probably the laziest radio presenting. You don’t just read the story, you must have your own opinion on it.”

Big thanks to the speakers , KC, Ruairi O’Hagan, Ruth Scott and Marcus Connaghton and the River Lee Hotel for sponsoring the event.

Journo Soc’s next event takes place in the Gluckman Gallery on the 11th of November. Speakers TBA. Tickets €5


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