Top 5 Costume Ideas for Hallowe’en

With Hallowe’en just around the corner, Nicole Johnson is on hand to provide some inspiration for those last minute costume ideas.

Hallowe’en is that time of year when as kids we were excited to get to dress up and get free candy; what wasn’t there to love?

But as we got older getting dressed up became a bit different. Mean Girls summed up Hallowe’en for everyone over the age of ten when Regina George offered the explanation that Hallowe’en was just an excuse for people to wear less and get away with it. However, celebrating Hallowe’en has changed a lot since that movie first came out; more people are getting into Hallowe’en and are being creative designing costumes.

Getting dressed up for Halloween is more than throwing on a short dress and some ears and calling yourself a mouse. So, if you want to avoid having a Mean Girls moment where you have to explain your costume, “I’m a mouse, duh!,” here are my top 5 easy to do costume ideas to consider this Hallowe’en.

This year, it’s all about makeup.

Cat: Now I’m not talking about putting on the ears and doing some cat whiskers. Instead, paint on a scary Alice in Wonderland cheshire cat grin.353a01bac8b13f78e9794afe832b1238

Skeleton: Being a skeleton is quite easy, especially when you just have to find leggings and shirts with the skeleton design already on them. Or find an old black shirt and leggings and draw the bones with a bleach marker yourself. To really pull the look together, make your face black with white skeleton bones painted on.


Vampire: This one is easy especially if you want to go for a more modern, Vampire Diaries look. You just need to wear some gothic looking clothes, that can be easily found. Then make your skin very pale, no tan this time, darken your eyes, and hollow out your cheeks.2862b11d984aa25d495c53aadd1cefed

Pop Art: This one is becoming more popular every year. It is literally bringing art to life. All you do is make white dots on your face with some thick curved black lines to excentuate bone structure and features. Look at some of the work of Roy Lichtenstein for more inspiration.


Bad Blood: This would need a group to really pull it off, but if you haven’t watched the Taylor Swift Bad Blood music video, where have you been? It would be super easy to create using the clothes in your closet and you can walk around with your squad looking bad blood ready to kick some butt.

These are just some ideas to consider, and remember it really is about the face paint this year for Hallowe’en. If you want tutorials then YouTube any of these costumes and you will find some excellent ones to watch.



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