Finn’s Life Advice: The Winter Edition

The season has changed, but event wise there won’t be much changing. We’ll still be banging out events left right and centre. This week is a busy week, but busy is good in regards to events. Since we love having weeks so much in UCC, we decided to put on three to kick off winter.


First up we have Comm Week, a personal favourite of mine since I study commerce. Things kick off today with The Apprentice Challenge with a collab with SVP Soc. Everyone’s about raising money on campus for a great cause, and also the great cause of getting their hands on Comm Ball tickets. Economist Jim Power is giving a talk tonight also. Tuesday rolls into the Comm Cup final, with the after party in The Rock that night with Pat Fitz. Wednesday entails the Comm Ball Scavenger Hunt, and the Hangover and Chill to prepare you for Thursday night. Thursday caps off the week with The Comm Ball with Tough Love, always a cracker of a night.


Homeless Week, very important week, highlighting some important issues. Kicking off Monday with a host of events from The Apprentice Challenge, to Winter Wonderland Bake Sale, to ‘you choose the movie’ that night and kicking things off with the sleepout! Tuesday holds Buskers on Campus, soup and sandwiches and the continuation of the Sleepout. Wednesday has Rags for Riches, where you can donate your old clothes to those in need. And the week finishes with the Giving Tree Launch.


Law Soc boast an impressive line up for their Law Week, kicking things off with The Law Cup and David O’Doherty later on that night who’s a personal favourite of mine. Tuesday holds Take Me Out and an Iron Stomach in the Old Bar, accompanied with a bit of MCing from yours truly. Wednesday holds Article 41.2 Does it have a place in modern Ireland. The week finishes with the lovely Law Dinner in the Imperial.


Most of all it’s GEORGE BOOLE’S BIRTHDAY, by now the cake will have been cut by President Michael Murphy. 200 years ago he was born, and one of his achievements which will resonate with people the most is that without his Boolean Operator System(or something along those lines) our search engines wouldn’t operate. George Boole allowed us to have Google, or how it should be names Boogle. We’ve games, free popcorn, DJ set, iPads to be won, he knows how to throw a birthday party in fairness to the guy.

On to the life advice, we’ll keep it short this time. There’s over 7 billion people in the world, and we’re all human. So we’re bound to be similiar to each other. We may have different races, genders, religions, hair etc. but when it comes down to it we’re all the same. We’re all from the human race. Each of us has a few distinct or unique traits which differ us from the rest of the contingent. It could be your hair colour, your accent, or your personality. Many people can view themselves as an outsider, or may have negative thoughts about being different. But these traits are what make you who you are. They are your identity. They should be celebrated not concealed. It’s good to be a bit different. Everyone should embrace their uniqueness. It sets us apart, and in a world where everyone is similiar, it can make the difference. It can make you memorable, it can make you loved. So if you’re a bit weird or different, be proud of that. Because I know I’m proud of each weird and unique trait I have, and I’m all the happier for being proud of them.



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