Finn’s Life Advice: Making the Effort

Adam Finn is back with his weekly dose of college ents and life advice.

So we’re back in action following a week’s break from the; I can’t imagine this article will get as much traction as my last one, but there are always lessons to be learned; always advice that you can take on board. It’s easy to read it, and then brush it off, the hard thing to do is make the effort and motivate yourself to make that change. If you want that motivation, you have to look at the reward, and see it for what it’s truly worth, what it means to you.

Hold that thought though, because we have to talk about events, and let you know what’s up and around on campus. Everyone’s kicking into study mode early this year, and well done for doing so. Mad respect. It’s important to take a break from study at times. It can be something that you work toward, and you have to earn your break, which makes it mean more to you. That being said, enjoy yourself on your breaks, let loose, have some fun. You’ll need it.


Monday we have a Blood Drive taking place in Aula Maxima. How many days can you go to college and say ‘I’ve saved someone’s life today’, and all because you took a few minutes out of your day to give blood. It’s free to give blood, yet it is so valuable to people. So do it, and give it. We have a vigil in Devere Hall at 6pm to remember all the people who have died in attacks recently. On Tuesday there’s birds on campus and you can get your picture taken with them which is unreal and whatnot.

Thursday evening should be fun, we’ve got our Toga Party in Urban Jungle. Togas, red cups, graffiti on the walls, a tattoo artist and a barber’s studio, all ingredients for a good night out. It’s also free so there’s no real reason not to go.

Today, I’m talking about making the effort, but I’m singling out one aspect of life, and that’s your friends. Your friends are a really important aspect of anyone’s life. No matter if you have one friend or a thousand friends, it’s imperative to make the effort with them. Friendship is a two-way street. If your friend has not been in touch with you for hanging out etc, you shouldn’t be annoyed at that person or jump to the conclusion that they don’t want to hang out with you. How about you contact them, and ask them to hang out. They may appreciate the effort.

Friends are an incredibly important aspect of people’s life, they can bring an abundance of joy(rachel) and bonding to your life. We’re young, and we’re lucky to be young. You shouldn’t waste away your days of freedom, soon enough we’ll be in the real world, with responsibilities, so we should embrace our time in college to the fullest. Instead of binge watching series in the dark alone, meet up with your friends, it’ll be worth it. All it takes is a text, or a phonecall. It’s better to watch a movie with your friends and have fun, than watch it alone by yourself. All this being said, it’s coming up to exam time, so if your friends can’t meet up to socialise, don’t take it to heart. Exam time is unfortunately on the horizon, but I’m sure they’ll appreciate the effort.

Life Tip: When you’re cooking spaghetti, to check if it’s done, take a strand of spaghetti out of the pot, throw it at the wall behind your cooker, and if it sticks to the wall then the spaghetti is cooked.


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