Finn’s Life Advice: Be grateful


So I was sat at home on Saturday night, early hours of morning, my tea had ran cold, so I was sipping on a multipack can of coke, and I was thinking. I have my pensive thinking song, I’ll link it below, but whenever I listen to it, an air of gratefulness washes over me, and as a matter of fact I enjoy it.

These life advice columns are tough enough to write, ie. as I’m running out of life advice to give, but I have a nice break over christmas so I’m sure I’ll gain some wisdom throughout those weeks. As per usual, we’ll kick off with the events of the week, and then launch into our life advice.


Kicking off Monday, not much of an event entertainment wise but important nonetheless. To get down to things, students can vote on Monday and Tuesday to see whether or not the Students’ Union should campaign to repeal the 8th amendment or take no stance on it. You get a free freddo and cheaper tea, coffee and water in the student centre if you vote, and that’s motivation to vote if there ever was motivation.

We’ve also got Philosophy Week, Med Week, and Star Wars Week.

On Tuesday we’ve Neil Delamere, one of my favourite comedians coming in, Boole 4 at 7.30pm, at only €10 it’s a bargain as he’s playing venues around the country for double that price. He was a genuine favourite of mine when he was on The Panel and Republic of Telly so hopefully I’ll see you there.


On Thursday we’ve got the E&S/SU Xmas day which is always a rather merry occasion. We’ll have a santa hat fun run, we’ll have mince pies and mulled wine on campus, we’ll have a thankful board being Thanksgiving and all, we’ll have DJs in the Old Bar, loads of giveaways, and possibly even a santa running around campus. We’ll also be turning on the christmas lights on campus which is always an amazing event, and we have the lovely Choral Soc and Music Soc to bring some festive cheer to the event.

On to my life advice, and this week it’s a simple one, yet it’s something we don’t do too often, and that is being grateful. We take a lot for granted in this day and age; our smartphones, WiFi (when you can find it on campus), they majority of us have a home, family, friends, a course, clothes, life. Be grateful.

A lot of us complain about our course, having to go to lectures, having assignments to complete, the fact that exams are coming up and we have to study, we look at them as negative features in our life but we’re incredibly lucky to have them. A lot of people don’t get the chance to attend college or university, let alone the 52nd best university in the world. Be grateful.

Take our campus for example, we can come in, when the weather isn’t great, and it’s all doom and gloom, heading to the library for days that never seem to end, we rush to lectures to try and make it on time, but we don’t seem to look around and take in what’s around us. We have an amazing campus, one thing that’s nearly at the top of all the international students that come to our university’s list is how beautiful the campus is. Everytime a person I know who visits our college comes down, they always compliment our campus. We don’t nearly often enough stop and take a look around, and simply appreciate, and be grateful for the university that you attend. Just be grateful.

We constantly rush around, walking places while checking our phones for the latest news or seeing what our friends are up to on social media. Put that phone away, slow down a bit, look around, see appreciate, and simply enjoy it. You can miss an incredible amount of things if you observe a bit. It could be two friends laughing together, a couple hugging each other, someone enjoying their coffee, a leaf gracefully falling from a tree, someone smiling coming out of their lecture in the realisation that it’s simply over. Take a look around, smile. And be grateful.

I could go on for days about being grateful, but I hope I got some of the message across to people, and I hope some of ye take it on board and make an effort to be more grateful.

I’m going to ask you to do one thing, not very hard, just try it. After reading this, try and be consciously grateful for five things in your life. It doesn’t necessarily have to be long, merely a few seconds, just try it. It may even bring a smile to your face.

Enjoy xo


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