Finn’s Life Advice: Exams

Starting to feel the stress now that study week has seemingly come from nowhere? Don’t panic! Adam Finn is on hand to give you some of his top study tips to see you through your winter exams.

I should probably be studying, you should probably be studying too if you’re reading this, but hopefully this bit of procrastination will be beneficial to you and help you get through your exams.

Exams are a bitch, nobody really likes them an incredible amount, but they have to be done. It’s kind of like cleaning up after your dog does their business, if you don’t clean it up the place will look shit. It’s not a pleasurable task for most people but you just have to power through it.

I’ve no idea where that last part came from but it’ll bring me to my first point. Take a break from the session, just wait till after exams to blow off all that steam. I’m struggling to write this because I was at the Med Ball last night and I lost a fair few brain cells at it.

I’m not saying you can’t go for a pint after a long day in the library, do that if you want, and enjoy it because you have to make your breaks count around this time. Don’t waste them.

Make your breaks count. Breaks are so so important during study week and exams. You need them. You’ll burn out, your time put in studying won’t be as effective, and you need time to enjoy yourself and do a bit of socialising as well, it’s only healthy.

If you’re studying, or attempting to at the very least, you can use breaks as motivation. It can help loads, if you’re studying and you notice your attention drifting away, and you feel like going for a few laps of Q+2 or check the latest article on, having a break scheduled can help you get through this highly distressing time and keep you motivated to study till said break.

Do fun stuff on your break, make it enjoyable, because you’re cooped up in a library most of the time so you have to make the times you do go on a break good. Get a group going if you can, and organise your breaks, and on these breaks do stuff that the group and you find fun.

Eating and drinking is important. Water and my level of hydration makes a huge difference on my ability to concentrate so drink the stuff. Coffee and energy drinks can be great when you need a pick up or you’re feeling a bit sluggish but they will make you crash also, so try not be overly dependent on them. You also need to fuel yourself, so get your meals in and you’ll be flying.

Enjoy things, if it’s your coffee, or a quick walk to the shop, be aware of what you’re doing. If you’re drinking a cup of coffee, then drink it slowly, taste it, enjoy it. Make the little things count, and it’ll work wonders for your stress also.

Try not to get too stressed, albeit exams are important, they’re not the be all and end all of life, and fear I say it but there’s always August, but a bit of study can help you avoid that. Enjoy your time with your friends, you see a lot of people that you may not have seen for awhile during study week so say hi and exchange a smile, it might even be fun.

Do whatever relieves you of stress, because you will burn out if you’re constantly stressing, and it’s not good for your mental health. It’s different things for different people, if that’s going for a run, go for your run, if it’s smoking a rollie, then smoke your rollie, if it’s maturbation, then.. Basically look after yourself, and try and get the head down. I usually find my course really interesting once I’m studying it, and you’ll feel good about yourself for studying.

Time for our life tip, so picture this; you make toast and you need to butter it but the butter’s in the fridge and all cold and hard. If you’re having a cup of tea then it helps, pour some boiling water over your knife(not the part you’re holding), so then your knife’s like a knife cutting hot butter. Next up, spread the butter in the container, as if you’re spreading it on the toast, this breaks it up and makes it more spreadable. Be ready also, when that toaster pops and some warm and magical toast pops out then it’s all systems go. Have your butter already broken up and spread in the container, your knife hot, and hot toast, because melted butter on toast is tasty. I hope this truly helps you in your endeavours.

May the odds be ever in your favour.


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