UCC Students’ Union Hit Back At University Decision To Close Old College Bar

UCC Students’ Union, UCC Societies’ Executive and UCC Clubs’ Executive have hit back at a decision by University College Cork to close the Old College Bar.

In a letter issued to UCC President, Dr. Michael Murphy, Eolann Sheehan, UCC Students’ Union President, stated that he was ‘disappointed and appalled’ by the decision. Sheehan said that “the Old College Bar is an important aspect of our university’s social and cultural history as well as an indispensable service and facility used by Societies, Clubs and student organisations on campus” before expressing that the Students’ Union “are highly disappointed and shocked by the lack of consultation or awareness extended to the Students’ Union and therefore the student body in the making of this decision.”

The decision, which was made by University Management Team Operations (UMTO), a body which the Students’ Union have been continually excluded from attending, will take away a venue “for 150+ club & society events per college year as well as the vast majority of socials for the 1000+ Club & Society events held each year” according to Sheehan. Furthermore, Sheehan expressed his dissatisfaction with the closure of “the live music venue on campus” before drawing attention to the “Irish and international acts such as Rubberbandits, Walking On Cars, Republic Of Loose, Jeffrey Lewis, Fred, Ham Sandwich, The Frank And Walters and Mickey Joe Harte”  which “have entertained thousands of students throughout the years” there.

The letter, co-signed by Patricia McCarthy, President of UCC Societies Executive and Michael Hanrahan, President of UCC Clubs Executive, acknowledges that “with time, venues and services must adapt to meet demands” and recommends that the Students’ Union “would be happy to advise and assist in updating and changing the Old College Bar to meet the requirements of UCC students today” however it states that they “will not accept the Old College Bar being removed and will not stand by the loss of our student space and social history” before urging the University to reconsider their decision.


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